Phyllida Barlow / Tate Britain / The continent becomes content

Phyllida Barlow at Tate Britain is quite impressive. She endorses the space using wastings or low cost materials. Huge stacks of wooden slats that could come from discarded works, become after her intervention on giant sculptures. It is amazing how we see some of them as paintings. Even when have been before the support of canvas is only suggested and note necessarily a fact. Being an eminently tactile experience, some of the works are pictorial -not picturesque- despite the lack use of color.
In this kind of big installation I only have feel before that overwhelming sensation inside Thomas Hirschhorn’s work. Barlow doesn’t use here figurative references, but like him, Barlow shows how the order in the contemporary world is the chaos. In this way it is an approach to a reality. And she does it using what supports the fiction, the racks of the backstage. The carrier of the message is the message. The continent becomes content.
Phyllida Barlow
31 March – 19 October 2014