The cut-outs / Henri Matisse / Tate Modern

Matisse at Tate Modern is all luxe, calme and volupté. He seems to work in surface but is also deeply elaborated.
If we put together Matisse’s sculptures and cut-outs we realise that he could see cut-outs in a three dimensional way or sculptures in two. He could easily change his view. And then he could cut forms in the air as if drawing or if sculpting.
At least we can identify forty different colours between magenta and yellow. Most of them between vermillion and yellow. Opposite for a few less between purple and blue. Blue ones on big sizes and powerful yellow on small pieces. There is an amazing indian yellow and a beautiful sacred purple. All of them painted from scratch each time to find the exact counterpoint was needed in each work. Matisse was the master of the colour as well Picasso was on the shape. No Picasso could exist without Matisse. No 20th century without them.
Henri Matisse: The cut-outs.
17 April – 7 September 2014